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An Introduction

Before you begin to listen to my music, I think it is important that you know a little bit about who I am. After all, music is simply an extension of the self. It is the stories about all that we have encountered, seen, and felt; the passions of love, the regret of choices we can’t take back, the resonance of the nights we can’t forget.

The music we write, is the stories we tell.

A songwriter is nothing more then a storyteller. I hope that my story affects you on some level, however small.

Raised in a small town, I grew up in a place where life stays simple. I had a beautiful childhood with parents who loved me, and little brother who was always willing to take adventures with me. I grew older and became a high school student; the time in life when everything becomes confused with hormones, chemicals, feelings, and all the other crazy things young people are bombarded with. Like others, my first love inspired me to write my own music. I’d been singing every since I could talk, but it was that kind of overwhelming love that inspired me to put the pen to the page. From that point on, I kept writing. Most of the songs on my first album are written about my journey with love. It is one of those beautifully tragic stories. But I will write more about that at a later time.

Now, here I am. I graduated from high school and because of happenstance, met an extremely talented man who became my producer. Together we created the album you are about to hear – “Wishing.”

The title of the album was inspired by a couple of things. First of all, it is the title of my favorite song on the album. But more then that, I believe it sums up my story until now. It captures the feelings of the many hours spent staring out a window, the tears, laughter, and challenges of love. It echoes the idea that through even in our darkest times, we can still find a star of hope and wish for our own happy ending.

Life is an ever-changing journey filled with mountains and valleys, but the one constant is hope. That being said, I hope this album will bring you joy and hope. My heart and soul were poured into every word I wrote.

May the journey always inspire you.

Never stop Wishing.

Love Always,

Jenna Renae

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