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A Few Words about Songwriting: The Elusive Muse called Inspiration

Songwriting is like breathing.

It isn’t hard or complex until you start thinking about it too much.

Creativity is never something that I struggled with as a child. I use to spend hours making up stories and imagining worlds I had never seen.

Then adulthood happened.

Sometimes it can feel like life drains all of your creativity from you.

Everyone wants something from you. Your job. Your family. Your friends. Sometimes it can feel like the well has run dry.

Then there is heartbreak or tragedy. Instances in life where you feel like your heart is bleeding will cause words to pour out on a page…there is no doubt about that.

But what about the times in life when everything is fine?

When life becomes still…stagnant.

It is in those times that an artist needs to take the time to search out the elusive muse called inspiration.

I am no expert. In fact, I am still learning how to do this myself. But there is something about just taking the time to step outside just as the sun is setting and watching the stars appear that brings utterances of the beauty of the world to the forefront of your mind.

I need to chase those moments.

I believe that inspiration will always be allusive. The important part is figuring out how to grab it, hold on to it, and use it when it does show up.

I believe honesty is a side affect of inspiration.

Honesty always creates good music, however painful it may be getting those words on a page.

All in all, the journey of songwriting and being an artist is a beautiful mess.

I wouldn’t change it a second of it.

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