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Something Special

      Something Special - Jenna Renae










Wishing is my favorite song on the album. Wishing is written about the unbearable feeling of not being able to be with the person you love. It is written about sitting up late at night and wondering if that person is thinking about you. It is about wishing on a star every night that you will find your happy ending.


V1: Little star can you see him where you are
Can you sing him to sleep tonight
Will you make him laugh
Make him forget about the past
Make him want me back again

Cuz I’ve been staring at the sky for so long tonight
That it feels like I’m crazy

Is this just a dream
Or will I spend my life wishing
On a shooting star that fades into the dark
Will this pain I feel
Be the only thing that’s real
Will the rest of us fade in to the black
And leave me wishing

V2 (Guys verse)
Little star can you see her where you are
Can you kiss her goodnight for me
Will you tell her it’s alright
Hold her close, hold her tight
Tell her all the words that I couldn’t say



I’ve never cried for a sunrise but I will tonight
Oh I’ll cry
I’ve never cried for a sunrise but I will tonight
Oh I’ll cry

Chorus 2x

Losing You


Losing You is an anthem for all the people out there who have given their everything for a relationship that just wasn’t worth it. Love often blinds us to all the things that are wrong in a relationship. Love has to be a two-way street. If he/she isn’t fighting for you, then it might be time to move on. If he/she doesn’t love you through your worst, then he/she definitely doesn’t deserve to love you at your best.



Chorus: Why do I try so hard, Why do I care
I’ve tried so many times
But I keep losing you over silly things

V1: Well if I fell, way down deep in a wishing well
Well I would wish for you to stay
It seems to me, a shooting star will never be enough
To show I love you
No matter what I do, I’ll do I just can’t do enough for you
My castles have all crumbled into sand
You always seem to walk away, I never ever make you stay
No matter how tight I hold, your hand

V2: Honestly, I can’t believe the web we’ve weaved
We’re both tied up on track without a train
I plainly see, that you were never right for me
Cause I was blinded by you
Three words said, said much too quick, quicksand we fell into it
And sank into a timed out hour glass
Riddles, rhymes and tears I cried, the only memories left behind
I never could get it right, for you

Bridge: I always wished for, red and yellow roses
And for you to run through the rain
But you never gave me, any of those things
You only left a great big stain

Made To Love


I’m sick and tired of living life
Like an hour glass wasting time
Love isn’t heard, it’s just a word
That we throw around, a run aground

And I, want to live my life with my heart on my sleeve for all to see
And I, want to show the world what true love really means

I’ve never seen anything quite as sad
As a person who write out their love in the sand
And watches, as it washes, away
We can’t be scared to love with all of our hearts
Even though giving all is the scariest part of love
Don’t let your love wash away
God made us to love (Repeat)

You have to choose, love or you’ll lose it
Right through your hands like grains of sand
Our feelings fade, won’t stay the same
You have to choose what someone means to you

Forever Mine


When it comes time to walk away from someone, it can be heartbreaking. Whether the relationship is romantic or not, realizing that having a person in your life is no longer healthy is devastating. I believe every person will have to say an impossibly hard goodbye sometime in his or her life. I hope this song helps you to say goodbye.


The time has come to say goodbye
We’ll leave with lessons learned and memories to sweeten life
We didn’t think the end would come,
But what has been was meant to be and certainly can’t be undone oh no

Our paths may never cross again
But I hope in spite of everything
That you’ll still call me friend
We’ve made mistakes
And shared heart breaks
But I hope as we are lost to time
You’ll keep me in your heart
Because you’re forever in mine

I’ve cried at least a thousand times
Over words played in my head that you now swear were never said
Somehow I know I have to go
And leave you on your own to live and love and laugh and grow

I know sometimes you have to lose
The things that mean the most to you
So I will let you walk away
I know that I can’t make you stay
They say it’s what you have to do
But I thought I meant more to you

Chasing Someday


V1: Tell me something now that we’re alone
Will you still love me when we’ve grown old
Will my laughter always charm you
My smile somehow disarm you, even then?

Promise me something and swear it’s true
Promise me you’ll hold me forever and never lose
Your touch that just consumes me
Your heart that still pursues me, your perfect

Chorus: Because I don’t want to wake without you with me ever again
I’d die a thousand times before I let us ever end
And I will promise you forever
Because my whole life I’ve waited too
Be always chasing someday with you

V2: Do you know that you possess my heart
And I will walk right here beside you through it all
My trust, my love, my faith they are all completely placed in your hands

Couldn’t Tell You Why


Heartbreak is hard. It is worse in isolation. Couldn’t tell you Why is about reaching the point when your friends and family are done listening. It deals with the feelings of loneliness and betrayal that can come from feeling cast aside by the people you care about. Healing from a devastating time in your life can feel like a long nightmare that will never end, but I promise you that there is a light at the end of the darkness. For me, music was that light. Writing this song helped me to realize even when I feel alone, I am still loved. People forget your pain easily. You will not. But you can use those memories to help others who are experiencing the same pain. As Emma Thompson so eloquently stated, “I really like human beings who have suffered. They’re kinder.”


Its been a year and seven days since I said your name

Or saw your smile, your smile
The hourglass of over you is over due
Times run out for missing you

The friends who hold my heart have dropped it
They don’t wanna hear me talking about us
Moving in is the only option. Don’t you know you’ve been forgotten,
or so I’m told

So don’t ask me why I cry, I couldn’t tell you why, I couldn’t tell you why
Don’t ask why I don’t smile, I couldn’t tell you why, I couldn’t tell you why
You don’t care to hear the words I say
Or help to heal this heart that breaks everyday
You are just standing by, and I couldn’t tell you why

Loneliness doesn’t help a hurting heart to heal, I need to heal
So many things that I regret, hours that were never spent with you
No one wants to hear those words so I’ll go dark just singing in the silence
They won’t get a word from me, now that I can truly see
That they never cared about me

I just need to get away
Find someplace I can escape
I’ll say goodbye for a little while
Until this is all just a dream

A Song For You


If you have ever lost someone, you know how empty a place can feel when they are gone. “A Song for You” deals with the realization that growing up often means having to say goodbye.


V1: Its not home here since you left it
So cold dark and discarded
This heart that was unguarded
Is now barred by these walls

You’re free now so you’re happy
Or so I tell myself
I say that is why you left here
To go and find yourself

Chorus: Write me when you find your dreams
Is it everything you thought it’d be
Write me all about where you belong
And the ones you love
They say home is where the heart is
So I hope you find your heart
Write me when you find your dreams
Write me a song

V2: I’m scared of growing up, growing older
The childish dreams inside, are growing colder
I fear they’ll fade away, I’m so scared of all this change
Cause we use to laugh like children, in the middle of a crowd
But now we barely smile, when nobodies around

Bridge: I can’t pretend you didn’t leave me
I can’t pretend you didn’t see me crying
When you walked out the door
I can’t pretend you didn’t see me,
I can’t pretend you didn’t leave me crying

ReChorus: Maybe I could be your dream
I’ll be everything you want and need
Maybe here is right where you belong
And I’m the one you love
They say home is where the heart is
So I’ll hold your heart
Maybe I could be your dream
We’ll be a song

Drowning In You


The first song I ever wrote, Drowning in You is a love song written to my first love. When you listen to this song, I hope you are reminded of the overwhelming feeling of discovering love for the first time.


Vl Love so deep, From a heart so strong
Keeping me safe, From all of life’s storms

Eyes like the ocean, Reflecting emotion
I want to get lost at sea

Chorus: You’re strong and you’re brave
And as fierce as the waves crashing in ( on me)
You’re gentle and deep
You sweep me off my feet
I can’t help but jumping in
To your love
And you carry me farther and faster
Then I could ever go, on my own
My love for you boy
Is as deep, as the ocean

V2: I see the lightening behind your eyes
And move to the rhythm, Of your heartbeat and mine

I feel the love you have for me
You are everything that I could need

Bridge: I’m drowning in you
And I don’t want to ever breathe again
I’m drowning in you
And I don’t want to ever breathe
So never leave

No Boundaries


No Boundaries is the answer to the question of why I write and perform my own music. I believe music is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Through music, people’s lives are changed; they find hope, meaning, and healing through the experiences of others. If my music can help just one person get through a dark time in their life, every moment of my own pain is worthwhile. God has given me the ability to write music and sing, so I plan on using that gift to help as many people as I can, in my lifetime. I choose to live life and love people with no boundaries.


V1: In this terminal, I see broken dreams and broken hearts
So many faces trying to be recognized
And I realize, how much love is really needed
But I believe in miracles and the spoken word

PreChorus: I just want to touch heart, to make a smile
I want to give someone their wings
So I can watch them fly

Chorus: God take this empty heart and fill it overflowing
So I can get to showing the beauty in this world
Let everybody see, the difference in me
So I can love with no boundaries, no boundaries

V2: In this broken world, I’ve felt sun and I’ve felt rain upon my face
I’ve weathered some storms
But I still believe, wishes can come true
And love can heal all wounds

Bridge: So I’ll get on this plane and fly away
Leaving Nashville behind me
When my feet touch the ground
The world will hear the sound of my new song

Playing Games


Just like the title, Playing Games is written about the little games everyone plays when they are finding love. After all, love is just one big crazy game that everyone is playing, whether they know it or not.


V1: Oh you’re playing games again
So I say, Let them begin
cuz this time I will play to win your heart
It’s a relay race for the fastest pace
That we can’t seem to set together
Red rover, red rover, please come over to my side

Pre-chorus: Time and time again
We will find ourselves
Playing tag with Cupid
Its stupid we don’t let him win

Chorus: We’ll play ring around the rosy
Trying to avoid this
But destiny will see to better plans
It’s always hide and seek
So I will peek
Cuz you are so worth finding
I’ll cross my heart and hope to die
If I don’t live out my whole life
With you

V2: Hop scotch your way away from me
But I will see and know I need to
Follow the leader wherever you may go
Solitaire is never quite as fun
As two in tandem
You’ll be my King of the hill
And I’ll be your Queen of hearts

Bridge: We are playing games, playing games for keeps
Let me keep your love, let me keep your love dear



Everyone has a September. In Autumn I always remembered the man I loved and lost, just like the trees lose their leaves. Every fall that passed while we were apart, I felt like I lost another piece of myself. I wrote this song to remember the beautiful memories we made together. I hope this song helps you through your September.


Vl: Falling leaves and changing colors
Reflected in your cold December eyes
Was our September

Watching speckled butterflies
On the wind as they dance by
Was our September

Bridge: Do you remember laughing to the breeze
Sitting underneath the painted trees
Do you remember what you said to me?
You made the promise that you’d never leave

Chorus: Do you remember the month we called September?
When love was a game and life a song
Do you remember the month we called September?
When nothing could go wrong for us

V2: Crunching grass and fading flowers
Walking hand in hand for hours
Was our September

Azure skies and sunshine kisses
Midnight skies with silent wishes
Was our September
Bridge: I remember…. Etc.


Bridge: I remember crying to the breeze
Sitting all alone beneath barren trees
As I remembered what you said to me
The broken promise that you’d never leave

Chorus: (Ending) “when nothing could go wrong for us..
When nothing could go wrong with us..
When everything went wrong with us…

Traveling Show


Traveling Show was inspired by Shakespeare:

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

The song talks about feeling a longing for adventure and the need to experience everything the world has to offer. It is a story of refusing to be stuck in the monotonous cycle of the everyday and to escape. The richest people in the world are those who have the most experiences and the most love in their lives.


The beat of the horse hooves on cobblestone streets
Seems to match the faint beat of my heart
I’m surrounded by people, who are shadowed by steeples
That seem to be piercing the sky

Come away with me now and we’ll leave this small town to see
Just how big this world can be
You’ll be my brave King and my traveling minstrel
And I your adventurous Queen

If Life is a stage and we are the players
Then lets be a traveling show
I refuse to remain here
Cold in the rain
When I could be lost warm on the wind
Lets run away, head for the hills
Away from the glory and strife
Because life is a stage and we are the players
So lets be a traveling Show

We’ll be guided by stars and rescued by rivers
That lead us wherever we’ll be
We can fly on the ocean waves, feeling the salt spray
Lost in the motion of sea
Lets live every sunrise and watch every sunset
Fall off the face of the earth
I don’t need riches or houses or diamonds
All I need is your love in this world

Get lost with me
Won’t you get lost with me
Won’t you get lost, with me

When The World Stood Still


We have all had one of those nights: a night when it seems like the world stopped spinning just for you. The stars are close enough to touch and for a moment, it feels like everything is going to be this perfect forever. Even though the night eventually ends, it will stay alive in your memory forever.


V1: It was one of those nights,
Where morning never ever crossed our minds
One of those nights,
Where sky and water both get to capture stars, and our hearts

PreChorus : I remember dare, I remember dream,
I remember you, I remember me,
I remember smoke on the water and stars in your eyes

I remember your kiss, I remember just breathe,
I remember firelight on your skin
I remember perfect, it was just perfect

Chorus: Whenever you’re missing me
Think about stars and sea when we were finally free
You and me
Whenever that moonlight, shines across your window
Think of that one, starry, night
When the world stood still for us

V2: Our hearts skipped their beats
Like stones on the water hoping that the sun
Had sunk to low
I was in your arms, surrounded by cold dark water
But I, had never felt so warm

Bridge: Can we go back, to that night
I just wanna go back, to that night
Can we go back one more time
I just wanna go back one more time